Storm Water Violations

Vulcan-1604 “Record Breaking” TCEQ/SAWS Storm Water Investigation #1151378 Resulting in the Most Violations Ever Cited in an Investigation
Vulcan Ready Mix Operation on 1604 storm water violations:
  • TCEQ found that Vulcan seriously contaminated surface water in Elm Waterhole Creek that connects and runs through area subdivisions. Even when discovered Vulcan did not immediately act to fix it as required by TCEQ & EAA permits.
  • In the follow up investigation 4 months later Vulcan claimed to have installed various fixes but the TCEQ could find no evidence of this.
  • Edwards Aquifer Authority Rules clearly state that Vulcan is required to notify the EAA in the event of any discharge or spill within 72 hours and once known, immediate remediation actions must be followed. Failing to do so should have resulted in enforcement actions, fines, and possible civil or judicial penalties (Chapter 7171 of the EAA Rules)
  • Vulcan was cited with 8 serious storm water violations from this investigation alone
  • TCEQ inspectors indicate in their report that this had been going on for a long time
  • This investigation was only conducted because of resident’s complaints to SAWS who insisted on accompanying the TCEQ inspectors
  • Vulcan was not even doing the proper inspections and testing for storm water permit requirements
  • Area residents figured it out when Vulcan failed to