Our Response to TCEQ’s Decision

Today the TCEQ announced that it has approved Vulcan’s permit for a concrete batch
plant in the Boerne area. Vulcan will operate its plant next to long established
neighborhoods and a school, and against local government’s wishes. The Boerne to
Bergheim Coalition for a Clean Environment (BBCCE) is disappointed, but not
deflated, and will continue to oppose Vulcan at this location.
TCEQ admitted during the public hearing that the decision was “already approved” (their
words) before there was a chance for the public to comment. “This shows how shallow
TCEQ’s review and approval process really is. It’s unbelievable that TCEQ is fine with
local children and the elderly breathing polluted air, when they really don’t have to” said
Woody Stephenson from BBCCE.
With TCEQ’s decision to grant Vulcan’s permit, BBCCE now has an opportunity to
proceed with the necessary final administrative steps before filing a lawsuit. Additionally, our dozen air monitors are already in place, and more are being added. As BBCCE’s attorney, Charles Irvine told Vulcan at the public meeting, Vulcan is not wanted in Boerne, will never be welcome in Boerne, and if they come, Vulcan will be under
constant scrutiny, assisted by citizen air monitors. Every complaint and concern will be
Finally, TCEQ’s approval goes against the local government’s wishes, the water
district’s recommendation, the plea from local citizenry, and the safety and welfare of
Texas residents. State lawmakers must help give local governments more power to
control the bullies that disrupt the welfare and harmony of local communities.
Please join us for our next steps meeting next Tuesday, May 29, 6:30pm at Kendall
plantation. BBCCE will provide updates as well as discuss and seek input on next steps.
We will also introduce a proposed slate of nominees for BBCCE board members for
discussion and potential approval.